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Liga Milkbreak (245 g), €5.00

Liga Milkbreak is a source of dietary fibre and rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B6.

Liga Milkbreak (245 g)
Liga Milkbreak (245 g)Open product description

Ella's Veg Waves Cheesy 3+ (10 g), €3.29

Hello, I'm organic cheese flavoured crunchy pea + sorghum waves, in 5 handy bags. I'm super yummy for little kids to snack on when they are off on an adventure! Who am I for? I am the perfect snack for little kids from 3+ years to enjoy, that is just right for their tummies. Pop me snuggly in a lunch box or take me on a picnic! Play + Adventure. Little Kids love nothing more than having an adventure! These crunchy waves are a deeelicious snack to fuel their fun - packed full of good-for-them veg + grains. They are perfect for inspiring little imaginations too! What could the wave be? Is it a sail or is it a surf board? The possibilities are endless!

Ella's Veg Waves Cheesy 3+ (10 g)
Only €3.29
Ella's Veg Waves Cheesy 3+ (10 g)Open product description
€3.29 was €3.49€329.00/kg
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