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Bushmills Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey (70 cl), €26.00

World's Oldest Licensed Whiskey Distillery Found on County Antrim's rugged coastline, the village of Bushmills is home to the world's oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Official records stretch back to 1608, when the area was granted its license to distil. Over 400 years later, whiskey is still being made in Bushmills, thanks to experience and craft passed down from generation to generation. We couldn't make our whiskey anywhere but here. Our water, drawn from the River Bush, flows over beds of basalt rock, the same rock that lends its unique character to another famous local attraction - the Giant's Causeway. Bushmills is more than just a whiskey. It's a village, where family, friends and neighbours work side by side at the distillery. As we often say, "without the village, there would be no whiskey and without the whiskey, there would be no village".

Bushmills Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey  (70 cl)
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Slane Irish Whiskey (70 cl), €34.00

Forged within the idyllic Boyne Valley, Slane Distillery is built on the grounds of the legendary Slane Castle, an ancient estate where they make extraordinary whiskey and throw the best gigs in the world. Slane Irish Whiskey is triple distilled in handcrafted copper stills for maximum flavour. After distillation our whiskey takes on many of its complex and smooth qualities from our signature triple casked process. Our signature blend brings grain and malt whiskeys together through three varieties of casks: virgin, seasoned and sherry. Once the liquid has been aged to perfection it is masterfully blended. The triple casked process delivers a rich bold flavoursome taste to create an exceptional Irish whiskey. Enjoyed on its own or the perfect partner for your preferred cocktail. Appearance: A warm, golden topaz with hues of rich toffee Nose: Complex fruit with drizzles of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla, brown and toasted oak Taste: Spicy at first, but sweetened with rich caramel, vanilla and butterscotch. At the top a deep layer of dried fruit. Finish: Lingering hints of dry fruit and caramelised wood sugar.

Slane Irish Whiskey (70 cl)
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Tullamore D.E.W. XO Rum Cask Irish Whiskey (70 cl), €39.00

With this xo rum cask finish we pay tribute to the role of Irish immigrants in the development of rum in the Caribbean in the 17th century, by finishing our blend in the finest rum casks to develop a smooth whiskey with layers of sweetness and tropical fruit. Sharing a passion for finely crafted spirits with our Caribbean cousins, we carefully select barrels previously used to age demerara rum to impart their distinctive tropical flavours to our triple distilled triple blend. Our original triple blend Irish whiskey, cask finished for layers of sweetness and exotic fruit D.E. Williams

Tullamore D.E.W. XO Rum Cask Irish Whiskey (70 cl)
Age restricted item
Tullamore D.E.W. XO Rum Cask Irish Whiskey (70 cl)Open product description

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