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Oxo Chicken Stock Cubes 12 Pack (71 g), €2.69

Elevate your everyday meals with OXO chicken stock cubes. Made with authentic meat juices, our stock cubes pack a big flavour punch and bring a satisfying savoury taste to every bite. Dissolve one chicken stock cube into 190ml of boiling water to give warming soups, casseroles and pies that extra bit of flavour. Or, crumble into your dish to add a rich chicken seasoning to your home-cooked meals. Each one is foil wrapped for freshness, making them a reliable cupboard staple. As the No.1 stock cube brand*, we've been adding magic to meals for over 100 years, and nothing beats the homely taste and aroma of a meal made lovingly with OXO chicken stock cubes. Visit for inspirational recipes. *IRI, Major Mults, Market Data for Great Britain, 52 weeks up to and including 15/04/2023"

Oxo Chicken Stock Cubes 12 Pack (71 g)
Oxo Chicken Stock Cubes 12 Pack (71 g)Open product description
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