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Marigold Latex Disposable Gloves (20 Piece), €4.49

With high sensitivity these ultra- flexible gloves offer handy protection for a multitude of tasks at home. Why Marigold Latex Disposable Gloves? These gloves offer handy protection for a multitude of uses such as light DIY, cleaning and light gardening. Made out of ultra-fine natural latex, Marigold Latex disposable gloves offer great flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit, grip & sensitivity - so you have the control you need to achieve the perfect finish. Our special coating means these gloves are easy to put on and remove. As there is no powder, no powdery residue is left on your hands after use. Fits either hand.

Marigold Latex Disposable Gloves (20 Piece)
Marigold Latex Disposable Gloves (20 Piece)Open product description
€4.49€0.22 each

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