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Garnish Irish Gin (70 cl), €30.00

Carefully chosen botanicals are infused to release their essential oils, then slowly distilled in small batches in our pot still. A deliciously elegant gin that perfectly captures the unique, exotic character of Garnish Island in Bantry Bay, West Cork, Ireland. Handcrafted in Small Batches Inspired by the lush Italian gardens of Garnish Island Co. Cork, this classic gin is the creation of Master Distiller Deirdre Bohane. It offers light floral notes of hibiscus, iris and rose which marry beautifully with rosemary and thyme. This is then complemented by luscious hints of dark chocolate and strawberry. Enjoy the soft lingering glow on the finish. A truly exquisite gin best enjoyed with tonic and a slice of lime. This gin is non chill-filtered and bottled at 46% to retain all the natural flavours. May cloud when chilled or mixed.

Garnish Irish Gin (70 cl)
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Gordon's Pink Gin (35 cl), €15.75

Inspired by recipes from the 1880’s, award-winning Gordon's Premium Pink is crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon's with the sweetness of raspberries and the tang of redcurrant. Made using only the highest quality ingredients and only natural flavourings to provide delicious tasting berry flavour. To enjoy a perfectly mixed Gordon's Premium Pink and Tonic, fill a large copa glass with ice, add 50ml Gordon's Premium Pink, top with 150ml tonic and garnish with plenty of juicy strawberries.

Gordon's Pink Gin (35 cl)
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Malfy Gin Originale (70 cl), €38.00

Malfy Originale is a classic dry style gin made with Italian juniper and five other botanicals and blended with Italy's purest source of mineral water - from the nearby Monviso mountain spring. Gin was invented in Italy in the year 1050 AD by Monks on the Amalfi Coastline - they distilled juniper with spirits in the kitchens of their Monasteries. Malfy Gin Originale is a homage to this invention. The Vergnano Family distill Juniper and four other botanicals and blend it with MonViso Mountain Water taken from a spring in the village of Crissolo (alt. 1,333 m.) to produce a crisp dry gin - delicious on the rocks or in the mountains.

Malfy Gin Originale (70 cl)
Age restricted item
Malfy Gin Originale (70 cl)Open product description
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