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Mr Sheen Wipes (30 Piece), €3.75

The quick and easy way to clean and dust a wide variety of surfaces such as wood glass, mirrors, paintwork, tiles and enamel. Mr Sheen Multi Surface Wipes are specially formulated to pick up to x2 more dust than using a dry paper towel alone and because it is Mr Sheen, it will leave your surfaces with that rewarding smear free shine and fresh polish fragrance.

Mr Sheen Wipes  (30 Piece)
Mr Sheen Wipes (30 Piece)Open product description
€3.75€0.12 each

Flash Duster Refill (5 Piece), €4.50

Say bye, bye to dust, dirt & hair and hello to cleanliness! Flash Dust Magnet is the tool to trap and lock day-to-day dust, hair and allergens from dust-mites, but also cats and dogs from surfaces thanks to its thousands of fluffy fibers lightly coated. Flash Dust Magnets have unique fibers that adapt shape to easily get into nooks and crannies, so you get rid of dust and hair on virtually any surface without spreading it around your home. Tips to know: it's particularly convenient for picking up pet hair as most pets shed all time or if you suffer from dust allergies. It works so well that you may actually begin to like dusting! Use the Flash Dust Magnet refills with Flash Dust Magnet Handle.

Flash Duster Refill (5 Piece)
Only €4.50
Flash Duster Refill (5 Piece)Open product description
€4.50€0.90 each

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