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Newmans Own Italian Dressing (250 ml), €2.99

Newman's Own Dressing & Dip Italian 250ml

Newmans Own Italian Dressing  (250 ml)
Newmans Own Italian Dressing (250 ml)Open product description

Milano Caesar Dressing (235 ml), €2.95

Our famous Caesar dressing, perfect for a classic Caesar salad at home.

Milano Caesar Dressing (235 ml)
Milano Caesar Dressing (235 ml)Open product description

Kuhne Italian Dressing (250 ml), €2.79

No preservatives added.

Kuhne Italian Dressing (250 ml)
Kuhne Italian Dressing (250 ml)Open product description

Kuhne Herb Dressing Vinaigrette (250 ml), €2.79

No colourings or preservatives added.

Kuhne Herb Dressing Vinaigrette  (250 ml)
Kuhne Herb Dressing Vinaigrette (250 ml)Open product description

Milano House Light Dressing (235 ml), €2.95

30% less fat compared to our standard House dressing. Our famous House Light dressing, the perfect partner to fresh and vibrant salads at home.

Milano House Light Dressing (235 ml)
Milano House Light Dressing (235 ml)Open product description
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