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Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings Bag (28 g), €1.35

Allo-allo! Je suis Jonnie. I made zees top quality Onion Rings especially pour vous. I 'ope you find zem, 'ow you say Scrrrrummy!

Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings Bag (28 g)
Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings Bag (28 g)Open product description

Tayto Thai Rings (42 g), €1.29

Thai Rings - a spicy flavour and a taste sensation. A perfect blend of spices that will take your taste buds on an exotic journey.

Tayto Thai Rings (42 g)
Tayto Thai Rings (42 g)Open product description

Tayto Hot Lips (42 g), €1.29

Hot Lips - pucker up and enjoy the tongue tingling sensation of my nice n spicy flavour snacks. These will be sure to spice up your life!

Tayto Hot Lips (42 g)
Tayto Hot Lips (42 g)Open product description

Tayto Spicy Rings (42 g), €1.29

Spicy Rings - almost too hot to handle. They definitely pack a punch, sure to get you all fired up.

Tayto Spicy Rings (42 g)
Tayto Spicy Rings (42 g)Open product description

Tayto Onion Rings (42 g), €1.25

Onion Rings, the only tears when you peel into these will be tears of joy! These rings have layers and layers of flavour and you will be jumping through rings of fire for more. P.S. Don't tell Jonnie!

Tayto Onion Rings (42 g)
Tayto Onion Rings (42 g)Open product description

Real Value Chilli Nuts (150 g), €2.00

Forest Feast Chilli Nuts 150g

Real Value Chilli Nuts (150 g)
2 for €3.00
Real Value Chilli Nuts (150 g)Open product description

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