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Yamas Halloumi Cheese (250 g), €4.70

Yamas! Halloumi 250g

Yamas Halloumi Cheese (250 g)
Yamas Halloumi Cheese (250 g)Open product description

Halloumi Burger Slices (200 g), €3.85

Yamas! 4 Halloumi Burger Slices 200g

Halloumi Burger Slices (200 g)
Halloumi Burger Slices (200 g)Open product description

Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi (180 g), €4.99

Made each day from our herd of free roaming Water Buffalo in West Cork - Farm to Fork. Ideal for Grilling, Barbecuing or Frying.

Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi (180 g)
Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi (180 g)Open product description

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