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SuperValu Greaseproof & Baking Paper (10 m), €0.77

SuperValu Greaseproof & Baking Paper 375mm x 10m Approx.

SuperValu Greaseproof & Baking Paper (10 m)
SuperValu Greaseproof & Baking Paper (10 m)Open product description

Shannon Banking Parchment Paper (12 m), €2.20

380 mm wide Quality Produced under approved quality system ISO 9001:2008. This product and packing conforms to all current EU legislation for food contact.

Shannon Banking Parchment Paper (12 m)
Shannon Banking Parchment Paper (12 m)Open product description

Raytex Parchment & Greaseproof Paper (1 m), €2.45

Raytex® has been part of the fabric of Irish homes for generations. Our range of Cling Film, Foils and Cooking Paper really do make food taste better. Raytex®... the taste of home, wrapped!

Raytex Parchment & Greaseproof Paper (1 m)
Raytex Parchment & Greaseproof Paper (1 m)Open product description

Bacofoil Portion Trays 6 Pack (6 Piece), €3.30

Dimensions 13.5cm x 4.1cm x 12cm

Bacofoil Portion Trays 6 Pack (6 Piece)
Bacofoil Portion Trays 6 Pack (6 Piece)Open product description
€3.30€0.55 each

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