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Président Camembert Cheese (250 g), €4.39

Président Camembert Cheese is a soft cow's milk cheese with a velvety edible rind, loved for its smooth texture and earthy flavour that intensifies as it ages. Président Camembert is made in France where it is also the nation's favourite Camembert brand. Perfect for any cheeseboard and sandwich occasion or simply on its own. Top tips: To appreciate Président Camembert at its best, remove from the fridge 1 hour before eating. For more inspiration about the French Good Life visit

Président Camembert Cheese (250 g)
Président Camembert Cheese (250 g)Open product description

Cooleeney Handmade Irish Soft Cheese (200 g), €4.09

A full flavoured soft cheese with robust flavours of mushroom & oak

Cooleeney Handmade Irish Soft Cheese (200 g)
Cooleeney Handmade Irish Soft Cheese (200 g)Open product description
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