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Koh Coconut Water (1 L), €3.99

Koh Coconut comes right from the Coconut and is packaged after the coconut is cut, ensuring the freshest product possible. Koh contains no added sugars and is never made from concentrate.

Koh Coconut Water (1 L)
Koh Coconut Water (1 L)Open product description

Koh Coconut Milk (1 L), €3.49

Koh Coconut Milk 1L

Koh Coconut Milk (1 L)
Koh Coconut Milk (1 L)Open product description

Okf Coconut Drink (1.5 L), €3.75

ISO 9001, 22000 / FSSC 22000 / HACCP / IFS

Okf Coconut Drink (1.5 L)
Okf Coconut Drink (1.5 L)Open product description
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