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Rabenhorst Prune Juice (750 ml), €3.50

Immediately after harvesting, carefully selected plums are dried, processed and gently bottled, using traditional, sulphur-free techniques. A bottle (750ml) contains the concentrated ingredients of approx. 1,233 g fresh plums. The result is a nutritious and fruity beverage.

Rabenhorst Prune Juice (750 ml)
Only €3.50
Rabenhorst Prune Juice (750 ml)Open product description

Kulana Tomato Juice (1 L), €1.99

Kulana Tomato Juice 1 Litre

Kulana Tomato Juice (1 L)
Irish Made
Kulana Tomato Juice (1 L)Open product description

Rabenhorst Organic Beetroot Juice (750 ml), €3.50

100% Organic pure juice rounded off with lemon juice with natural potassium Immediately after harvesting, selected tart-fruity beetroots from organic cultivation are carefully processed and afterwards gently bottled at Rabenhorst. The result is a premium quality beetroot juice, which retains the entire wealth of its natural ingredients. Potassium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Rabenhorst Organic Beetroot Juice (750 ml)
Only €3.50
Rabenhorst Organic Beetroot Juice (750 ml)Open product description
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