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SuperValu Irish Unsalted Butter (227 g), €1.85

SuperValu Unsalted Irish Creamery Butter 227g

SuperValu Irish Unsalted Butter (227 g)
SuperValu Irish Unsalted Butter (227 g)Open product description

Garlic Gold Premium Spread (125 g), €1.89

Garlic Gold is made with generous amounts of Freshly Crushed Garlic. A premium garlic spread, it is perfect for steaks, chicken, barbeques and freshly made garlic bread. Garlic Gold will add a gourmet twist to any dish you make. Experiment and Enjoy....!

Garlic Gold Premium Spread (125 g)
Garlic Gold Premium Spread (125 g)Open product description

Kerrymaid Garlic Butter Portions (80 g), €1.69

Kerrymaid Garlic Spreadable 4 x 20g (80g)

Kerrymaid Garlic Butter Portions (80 g)
Kerrymaid Garlic Butter Portions (80 g)Open product description

Delamere Dairy Goats Butter (250 g), €3.45

Delamere Dairy Goats Butter 250g

Delamere Dairy Goats Butter (250 g)
Delamere Dairy Goats Butter (250 g)Open product description

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