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Radox Bath Soothe Your Body (500 ml), €4.35

Enjoy the unique, soothing blend of herbs, minerals, chamomile and white valerian scent with RADOX Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Soak. From troubles to bubbles, close your eyes and let the calming bath soak cleanse your body, de-stress and revive you. RADOX Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Soak is enriched with 4 minerals and RADOX's unique blend of 13 herbs that helps you indulge in a soothing bath therapy ritual. Blended with our DreamScentz fragrance, it improves the quality of sleep. Our blends, uniquely created with minerals and herbs, activate with hot water to cleanse and revive you in a soothing bubble bath. For best results, pour bath gel under running water and relax. For lots of bubbles, pour a generous amount of RADOX Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Soak into an empty bath, and run the tap over the top whilst stirring with your hand. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse well with warm water. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use. From as early as 1908, RADOX founders used a unique blend of minerals and herbs to ease the fatigue of weary bodies and minds. From reviving the tired feet of early travellers to helping hardworking people find a moment of solitude and sanctuary – RADOX bath soaks and bath salts are rooted in the transformative power of mineral therapy. We have a long history of everyday therapy, we call it your daily R&R, RADOX Mineral Therapy. Enjoy our Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Soak.

Radox Bath Soothe Your Body (500 ml)
Radox Bath Soothe Your Body (500 ml)Open product description

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