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SuperValu Cornflour (500 g), €1.39

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SuperValu Cornflour (500 g)
SuperValu Cornflour (500 g)Open product description

Gem Cornflour Tub (250 g), €1.99

Gem Cornflour 250g

Gem Cornflour Tub (250 g)
Gem Cornflour Tub (250 g)Open product description

McDougall's Fast Action Bread Yeast (56 g), €5.15

Baking with Love Since 1864 The McDougalls brothers first started milling and sifting over 150 years ago. Since then we've helped five generations of bakers to share their passion with the people they love.

McDougall's Fast Action Bread Yeast (56 g)
McDougall's Fast Action Bread Yeast (56 g)Open product description

Gem Bread Soda (500 g), €1.99

Gem Bread Soda 500g

Gem Bread Soda (500 g)
Gem Bread Soda (500 g)Open product description

Odlums Baking Powder (200 g), €2.85

Odlums Baking Powder 200g

Odlums Baking Powder (200 g)
Odlums Baking Powder (200 g)Open product description

Shamrock Bread Soda (500 g), €2.30

Bread soda is also known as bicarbonate of soda and baking soda.

Shamrock Bread Soda (500 g)
Shamrock Bread Soda (500 g)Open product description

Dr. Oetker Cream of Tartar (120 g), €3.20

Dr. Oetker Cream of Tartar helps to increase the volume and stability of whisked egg whites in meringues and soufflés. Cream of Tartar can also be used to make a homemade playdough. This naturally produced product can also be used to create a simple Baking Powder when paired with 1 part bi-carbonate of soda to 2 parts cream of tartar. Did you know? Cream of Tartar can help vegetables to retain colour and prevent syrups from crystallising.

Dr. Oetker Cream of Tartar (120 g)
Dr. Oetker Cream of Tartar (120 g)Open product description

Atora Shredded Vegetable Suet (200 g), €4.40

With our Atora Vegetable Shredded Suet, you'll make flaky pies and heart-warming casseroles that friends and family will love. This vegetable suet is made to a time-honoured recipe to give you perfect results every time. Baking made easy! As it doesn't contain any animal fat, it makes an excellent option for vegetarians. It's incredibly versatile as you can incorporate it into your favourite sweet or savoury dishes. We're thinking hearty mushroom stews and melt-in-the-mouth jam roly-poly or of course, your very best Christmas pudding! To make fluffy dumplings that rival grandma's, just mix 100g of self-raising flour with 50g of Atora Suet, cold water and a pinch of salt. Divide the dough into 8 and carefully shape into balls with floured hands. Place in a simmering stew and leave to cook for 20 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

Atora Shredded Vegetable Suet (200 g)
Atora Shredded Vegetable Suet (200 g)Open product description
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