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Green Aware Compostable Nappy Bags (30 Piece), €1.99

Our GreenAware Compostable Nappy Bags are made from a blend of renewable plant starches and biodegradable materials. Although standard disposable nappies always need to go into the general waste bin, choosing compostable nappy bags is a simple, positive step towards living a little more lightly.

Green Aware Compostable Nappy Bags (30 Piece)
Green Aware Compostable Nappy Bags (30 Piece)Open product description
€1.99€0.07 each

SuperValu Nappy Sacks (200 Piece), €1.45

Product Information Nappy bags are the convenient solution to hygienically dispose of nappies after every nappy change. Each bag is the perfect size for a nappy and baby wipes while the fragrance of the bag neutralises any unpleasent odours.

SuperValu Nappy Sacks (200 Piece)
SuperValu Nappy Sacks (200 Piece)Open product description
€1.45€0.01 each
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