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Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ (12 Piece), €6.50

The Zip Instant Light BBQ tray is made using premium grade FSC Certified briquettes. We are compliant with EN1860-2 certification to produce a fast lighting, long cooking and easy to light instant barbecue. The complete barbecue in one pack. You can't buy a better product. Enjoy Barbecuing!

Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ (12 Piece)
Zip Instant Light Disposable BBQ (12 Piece)Open product description
€6.50€0.54 each

Zip Odourless BBQ Liquid (500 ml), €4.90

High Performance Liquid Firelighter The New Zip High Performance Liquid Firelighter 500ml coats the fuel which means less waste and prevents liquid pooling in the bottom of the BBQ. Whilst this product provides all the power you expect from a liquid, the high flashpoint and anti-flashback nozzle make it the safer alternative to other kerosene-based fluid firelighters.

Zip Odourless BBQ Liquid (500 ml)
Zip Odourless BBQ Liquid (500 ml)Open product description
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