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SuperValu Bananas Snack Pack (7 Piece), €1.79

SuperValu 7 Bananas

SuperValu Bananas Snack Pack (7 Piece)
SuperValu Bananas Snack Pack (7 Piece)Open product description
€1.79€0.26 each

SuperValu Organic Fairtrade Bananas (5 Piece), €1.89

Organic Trust - Packed by Licence No: 362 Fairtrade Foundation - FLO ID: 23643, This product is certified to international Fairtrade standard EU Organic - Certified Organic, IE-ORG-03, Non-EU Agriculture Paper - Widely Recycled

SuperValu Organic Fairtrade Bananas  (5 Piece)
SuperValu Organic Fairtrade Bananas (5 Piece)Open product description
€1.89€0.38 each

SuperValu Loose Bananas (1 kg), €0.25 avg/ea

Fyffes Loose Bananas

SuperValu Loose Bananas (1 kg)
SuperValu Loose Bananas (1 kg)Open product description
Final cost based on weight
€0.25 avg/ea€1.45/kg

Freddy's Fyffes Bananas Bag (7 Piece), €1.99

Bananas include vitamin B6, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. This means you'll be able to stay energetic and alert all day long. As well as this, B6 helps carry oxygen around your body and makes sure your immune system stays good and strong.

Freddy's Fyffes Bananas Bag (7 Piece)
Freddy's Fyffes Bananas Bag (7 Piece)Open product description
€1.99€0.28 each
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