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Kit Kat Chunky Large Easter Egg (190 g), €6.00

Celebrate your Easter with Kit Kat Chunky Large Easter Egg!! The KITKAT Large Egg comes with a smooth creamy milk chocolate egg with a full size bar of KITKAT Chunky Milk! KITKAT uses sustainably sourced cocoa from the Nestle Cocoa Plan. In 2016, KITKAT celebrated becoming the first 100% globally certified sustainably sourced brand! Thanks to The Cocoa Plan, this means no matter where in the world you buy a KITKAT, you know that the cocoa used to make its delicious chocolate layer was responsibly sourced. With its perfect chocolate to wafer ratio, KITKAT is the perfect companion for any break. You can enjoy KITKAT as the iconic KITKAT 4 Finger, KITKAT 2 Finger, or our KITKAT Caramel Cookie Collision Incredible Easter Egg. So, whoever you are and however you break, Have a break, have a KITKAT.

Kit Kat Chunky Large Easter Egg (190 g)
Kit Kat Chunky Large Easter Egg (190 g)Open product description
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