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Brown Petit Pain (85 g), €0.65

Petit Pain Brown 85g

Brown Petit Pain (85 g)
Brown Petit Pain (85 g)Open product description

Campagne Baguette (230 g), €1.59

Our delicious Baguette Campagne is made with a tasty blend of seeds giving a lovely toasted flavour and nutty crunch We use a slow and long fermentation process which gives our breads their distinctive light texture, aerated crumb and tempting aroma. All our breads are baked the traditional way in a stone oven to give our baguettes a delicious crispy crust.

Campagne Baguette (230 g)
Campagne Baguette (230 g)Open product description

Hand Crafted French-style Baguette (355 g), €2.85

Handcrafted French Style Baguette 355g

Hand Crafted French-style Baguette (355 g)
Hand Crafted French-style Baguette (355 g)Open product description

Hand Crafted Sourdough Baguette (450 g), €2.80

Handcrafted Sourdough Baguette 450g

Hand Crafted Sourdough  Baguette (450 g)
Hand Crafted Sourdough Baguette (450 g)Open product description
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