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Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch (1 Piece), €3.59

Long lasting, targeted relief from back pain, muscular aches, pains, strains, spasms & stiffness Heat therapy is well recognised and recommended by health care professionals for muscular pain and stiffness Long lasting, odourless, drug-free, warming pain relief to help get you through the day Dual Action Pain Relief Therapeutic heat from the patch helps reduce pain giving a targeted analgesic effect right where you need it Heat Therapy Penetrating heat helps relax stiff, sore, aching muscles & joints helping to restore movement Heat increases blood flow to the affected area providing oxygen and nutrients to aid the healing process Recommended for muscular pain, strains and joint stiffness. Can be used for back, hip, thigh, calf, arm, neck and shoulder pain.

Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch (1 Piece)
Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch (1 Piece)Open product description

Voltarol Pain Relief Heat Patches (1 Piece), €5.00

Voltarol non-medicated Heat Patch is designed to target back and muscle pain, providing up to 8 hours of localised pain relieving heat which continues to work even after the removal of the patch. The thin, self-adhesive, odourless patch provides effective pain relief and muscle relaxation in a non-medicated, tablet-free format. When to use Voltarol Heat Patch When back and muscle pain strikes, the heat patch's low level heat provides relieving warmth for up to 8 hours without a tablet How Voltarol Heat Patch Works The Voltarol Heat Patch is a non-medicated patch which provides targeted back and muscle pain relief by delivering up to 8 hours long-lasting deep penetrating heat. The continuous low-level heat from the patch works by stimulating heat receptors to relieve pain; increasing blood flow to relax stiff muscles, reducing muscle spasms and delivering the body's natural pain relievers

Voltarol Pain Relief Heat Patches (1 Piece)
Only €5
Voltarol Pain Relief Heat Patches (1 Piece)Open product description

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