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Follain Nothing But Fruit Orange Marmalade (340 g), €3.25

At Folláin we embrace what nature has to offer and combine our passion for taste and flavour, to create recipes that inspire. Like our delicious Nothing But Fruit recipe, an inspiration which is so simple, it's genius, no sugar, just fruit! Each pot a little masterpiece, perfected recipes from our kitchen, to be enjoyed in yours.

Follain Nothing But Fruit Orange Marmalade (340 g)
Follain Nothing But Fruit Orange Marmalade (340 g)Open product description

Little Chip Marmalade Orange (454 g), €3.30

Fruitfield's finest fruit experts work with an enduring passion for preparing Ireland's favourite marmalades since as far back as 1853. The secret for success is the commitment, dedication and passion for making breakfast time the sweetest time of the day.

Little Chip Marmalade Orange (454 g)
Little Chip Marmalade Orange (454 g)Open product description

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