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SuperValu Icing Sugar (500 g), €0.90

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SuperValu Icing Sugar (500 g)
SuperValu Icing Sugar (500 g)Open product description

Gem Icing Sugar (500 g), €1.79

Gem Icing Sugar is a baker's delight. It's perfect for icing your cake or dusting those tempting treats. So crack out the whisk and decorate your cakes and buns with pride.

Gem Icing Sugar (500 g)
Gem Icing Sugar (500 g)Open product description

C Pac Instant Royal Icing Sugar  (350 g), €2.20

C PAC Foxford Instant Royal Icing 350g

C Pac Instant Royal Icing Sugar  (350 g)
C Pac Instant Royal Icing Sugar  (350 g)Open product description

Gem Instant Royal Icing (350 g), €1.35

Gem Instant Royal Icing 350g

Gem Instant Royal Icing (350 g)
Gem Instant Royal Icing (350 g)Open product description

Gem Icing Sugar (3 kg), €9.99

At Gem Pack Foods we have an ever expanding range of products for you to choose from: Dried Fruits Cherries Mixed Peel Sultanas Raisins Currants Fruit Mix Apricots Prunes Rices Pearl Rice Long Grain Rice Easy Cook Rice Ground Rice Brown Rice Basmati Rice Arborio Rice Assorted Lines Cornflour Bread Soda Baking Powder Vegetable Oil Sugars Caster Sugar Demerara Sugar Icing Sugar Granulated Sugar Nuts Walnuts Ground Almonds Flaked Almonds Nibbed Almonds Whole Almonds Chopped Mixed Nuts Coconut Cashew Nuts Desserts Custard Sago Semolina Tapioca Cereals & Pulses Marrowfat Peas Split Peas Barley Lentils Sachets/Stick Sachets White Sugar Brown Sugar Salt Pepper From all of us at Gem...

Gem Icing Sugar  (3 kg)
Gem Icing Sugar (3 kg)Open product description

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