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Doves Farm Organic Spelt Flour (1 kg), €3.99

The delicious, wheaty, nutty flavour of this stoneground ancient grain flour works well in all baking. Spelt was widely grown in Roman times and legend has it the Roman army called it their 'marching grain'. We were the first to reintroduce spelt to UK soils and love using spelt flour for lots of different bakes.

Doves Farm Organic Spelt Flour (1 kg)
Doves Farm Organic Spelt Flour (1 kg)Open product description

Odlums Organic Plain Flour (1 kg), €4.30

Our organic flour is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. Organic certification gives a guarantee that food has been responsibly produced with consideration for the environment, the highest animal welfare standards and careful crop management. Buying organic products should give you the reassurance that you are supporting more sustainable ingredients. This product has been certified by the Organic Trust in Ireland. This range of product from Odlums are sourced and specially selected to bring you a premium range of baking ingredients. Only the finest ingredients are chosen for our Bake with the Best range.

Odlums Organic Plain Flour (1 kg)
Odlums Organic Plain Flour (1 kg)Open product description

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