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Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray (500 ml), €3.50

Ideal for high chairs, toys, potties & toilets, fridge & worktops, bath & sink, home surfaces

Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray (500 ml)
Only €3.50
Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray (500 ml)Open product description
€3.50 was €4.65€7.00/l

Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner (500 ml), €6.29

Ideal for bottles, breastpumps, soothers, weaning items, family dishes

Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner (500 ml)
Milton Baby Bottle Cleaner (500 ml)Open product description

Milton Sterilising Tablets (28 Piece), €4.00

Anti-Germ Efficacy: Bactericidal: in 5 min EN1040 including Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteritidis Campylobacter jejuni and in 15 min EN 1276 including MRSA Salmonella enterica Typhimurium, Salmonella enterica enterica Paratyphi A Vibrio cholerae, EN 14561 (I tablet in 5L) and in 5 min EN 13697 (3 tablets in 5L). Yeastiddal: in 15 min EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 14562 on Candida albicans (1 tablet in 5L) and in 15 min EN 13697 on Candida albicans (3 tablets in 5L). Virucidal: in 5 min EN 14476 only against Adenovirus type 5 Rotavirus and in 1 min EN 14476+A1 against Bovine Coronavirus (1 tablet in 5L). Biocidal product TB/PT02, PT04 Trademarks owned by Milton International. All rights reserved.

Milton Sterilising Tablets (28 Piece)
Only €4
Milton Sterilising Tablets (28 Piece)Open product description
€4.00 was €5.10€0.14 each

Milton Wipes (30 Piece), €4.00

Soothers, travel, toys, surfaces, car Disinfect quickly surfaces and items at home or on the go Fragrance-free Ideal for high chairs, changing mats, potties, work tops, kitchen, phones, toilets, bath, computers, keys, etc.

Milton Wipes  (30 Piece)
Only €4
Milton Wipes (30 Piece)Open product description
€4.00 was €5.19€0.13 each

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